Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Make your valuable token gesture at Wymondham Waitrose

Waitrose in Wymondham is helping shoppers to support Star Throwers throughout February through the store's charity token scheme. 

Every month, shoppers are given a token at the checkout, which they can place in one of three boxes at the exit. Each box is allocated to a different cause, and the share of the monthly "pot" of £1,000 a charity receives is directly proportional to the number of token votes from customers.

The community scheme from Waitrose will donate £2.28 million to 6,840 local charities and good causes over the next 12 months, as chosen by its customers and employees.

So have a root around in those shopping bags, handbags and in the car for all those tokens and help the work that Star Throwers is doing by visiting the Wymondham Waitrose in February and putting your token in the Star Throwers token box.

Thank you to Waitrose and everyone who supports Star Throwers through this great scheme.

Why not also drop-in to the Star Throwers centre on Melton Road, or give us a call on 01953 423304 and buy one of our re-usable fabric shopping bags!