Friday, 17 August 2012

We are being supported by our local Sainsburys!

Doubly great news! As well as the charity shop opening, Star Throwers are delighted to announce that Sainsburys of Attleborough has nominated Star Throwers as their 'Charity of the Year' for the next twelve months. The store will work with Star Throwers to raise money and awareness about the work we do to support people affected by cancer in the East Anglia area.

At Star Throwers one our goals is to raise increasingly more awareness in Attleborough and surrounding areas of the support available to people affected by cancer, both patients and families. This partnership with Sainsburys will help greatly towards this cause.

Star Throwers has now been open for more than two years supporting cancer patients and their families through advice on all aspects of cancer and treatments available, counselling and also varied complementary relaxing therapies and classes. On top of this, we are actively engaged in important research into new potential treatments for different cancers based on the latest scientific evidence.

If you know someone affected by cancer, please encourage them to reach out for support.

Star Throwers can be contacted on 01953 423304 or at