Thursday, 13 March 2014

A tribute to Wendy Winterbottom

Wendy, 2nd from right, at the opening of
the Star Throwers Charity Shop which she was
instrumental in establishing
Wendy Winterbottom was the fundraising coordinator and a volunteer at Star Throwers. She sadly passed away earlier this year on January 25th 2014 from cancer.

Many people who visited Star Throwers will have met Wendy. She was a wonderful person with a kind and infectious smile that could not easily be forgotten and was caring beyond measure. Wendy helped Star Throwers from the very beginning through organising many fundraising events in the community, which has been written about on this blog. But as well as raising money to support our work she also provided warmth and positivity to so many of our visitors and was an inspiration to so many others. 

Although she is no longer with us, her impact will continue indefinitely in all of the people affected by cancer that walk through our doors in the future. Thank you Wendy. We miss you dearly but will never forget you.

A month on from her celebration of life, we'd like to share a brief tribute from a dear friend of Wendy's and fellow volunteer at Star Throwers, Nicki Daws:

My friend, our friend, will be deeply missed at Star Throwers. Everybody knew her and when somebody new came through the door they invariable recognised Wendy from somewhere in their past.

As Events Organiser for Star Throwers she was a whizz: organised, creative, extremely hard working and a poster/flyer making genius!

Wendy was a lady of many talents.  Her jams and chutneys were delicious and always disappeared very quickly.  She would often show us the wonderfully decorated birthday cakes she had made for family, of which the Dr Who themed ones were my favourite.   
One of these people who was always doing something, Wendy was never still for very long.  She was a keen gardener, grew veggies, swam, played tennis, watched tennis, and knew a lot about tennis (always helpful when trying to follow Wimbledon!). I still remember every Wednesday we also used to discuss which book she was reading for her book club, of which she was an active member.  Wendy was just so interesting and a great pleasure to spend time with.

My friend was kind, funny, clever, thoughtful, helpful, always upbeat, generous and of course brave.  Although she is no longer with us she continues to inspire me.

I will miss her dearly.  May she rest in peace but still keep an eye on us.