Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Oh yes it is, oh no it isn't…..

She's behind you!

Don't we all love a good pantomime? This year, Star Throwers was grateful to be one of the nominated charities for the annual Great Ellingham Pretenders pantomime. Margaret Moore from the Pretenders visited Star Throwers recently to present half the proceeds from the raffles held over three evenings, which came to a fantastic total of £500.

The sixth instalment of the annual event saw the story of Sinbad the Sailor given a fun twist. Written by Stuart Arden, we followed the journey of rogue sailor Sinbad in his quest to capture the love of the beautiful princess Shaheen. Sinbad faced competition, however, in the form of Al Capone(!) and his evil genie Ali Gator who were willing to do whatever it took to stop him. Luckily, Princess Shaheen had her own genie, Ali Kazam, and she used all the power she could muster to ensure that she ended up marrying her beloved swash buckling sailor.

The fully packed crowd joined in singing along with the songs and shouting boos. An evening which promised magic, love, and adventure, delivered.

Our sincere thanks goes to the Great Ellingham Pretenders, and special thanks to Co-Producer and Directors Ann Milner and Martin Musgrave.